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3rd Graders Begin Engineering Unit

Engineering Is Elementary is a program from the Boston Science Museum The 3rd Grade Students in Georgia are beginning a unit called "Catching The Wind".  The 4th Grade Students in Georgia are just finishing a unit called "An Alarming Idea".  Both units share the following project goals and essential understandings. Project Goals and Essential Understandings Goal 1. Increase children's technological literacy At the elementary school level, we define technological literacy as acquiring essential understandings and skills that include: Knowledge (Know about) : What engineering and technology are and what engineers do Various fields of engineering "[After using EiE,] my kids are speaking more. Some of my shyest students are volunteering to be project managers." -pilot teacher, Workshop participant Nearly everything in the human world has been touched by engineering Engineering problems have multiple solutions How s

Stem Updates

Magnificent Properties of Magnets The ability to push or pull something without touching can seem like something magical, but it's really just science.  The 4th grade students have been going through the scientific inquiry cycle and discovering the properties and strength of magnets.  On Friday we tested the strength of magnets using tables to collect our data.  Through this process the students answered the question, "Do MORE magnets create a GREATER attraction?"  They used a fair test to collect their data.  Next week we will be writing conclusions making claims that are supported by their evidence.  They were questioning, discussing, problem solving laughing and being creative.  My goal was for each student to have many "aha" moments that inspire their curiosity for a lifetime.